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Night's Run
As the days moved on Kailon knew that the shipment would arrive soon and so, then, would their survival. She was sitting in a tree that over looked the plains, the light breeze was nice for a change. The town nearby could be seen over the treetops, the lights to the main street were on and the local populace was out doing whatever they like to do at night, she would never figure them out. She turned her head at the sound of something moving and instantly pulled her feet up, her claws starting to grow. No matter where she looked there was nothing, it was like a phantom was moving.
"Hey Kailon," That made her fall, she hit the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of her, she may have been part vampire but she still breathed.
She looked at the werewolf that said her name, Vexx, "Hey you could've given me some warning," Her voice contained venom, it was only when he was around that she'd change her voice to match her true emotions.
"Where would the fun be in that? What are you doing ou
:iconangel-raziel21:Angel-Raziel21 3 11
Mature content
Moon's Children :iconangel-raziel21:Angel-Raziel21 3 11
The doors to the underground opened and some younger werewolves ran over to the hunting party, most of them running circles around Kailon. The power convertor was thrumming in her hand, another werewolf took the power convertor from her and she took the opportunity to head off to the prison where she kept the one who could change everything. The doors to the prison opened as she stood where the archway is, she feet making low sounds as she walked, she put her hand against the cold stone. The cracks in the wall were fun to follow when she was just a young one, she was the only one to walk these halls whenever she wanted because she was born with the mark of an alpha. At that thought she moved her other hand to her shoulder were a birthmark lay, all she ever thought of it was small tribal marks overlapping each other.
The wall came to an end and split in two directions, now she had to remember which way to go, for an alpha female she didn't really remember her way around the halls of the
:iconangel-raziel21:Angel-Raziel21 3 9
Get Ready by nmrbk Get Ready :iconnmrbk:nmrbk 1,786 109
The Same Old Story
Encounters Of The Best Kind:
The Same Old Story
As he sat perched atop a lamp post watching his favorite police officer walk past, searching for him, he could only think about how she made all this worth it. A gust of wind caught him off guard, he almost fell off of the lamp post but managed to keep his footing but it was too late. She turned and in an instant had her upgraded shock pistol out and aimed directly at him. The rise and fall of her chest showed that she was completely unaware of his presence before then, he didn't move, his eyes locked in the unending stare between the two. It would always be like this, the unending stares, the stolen glances; they both knew what was wrong. Their professions interlaced, cop and robber in the unending battle between what each thinks is right. They may be on opposite sides of the law but each is as familiar with the other as the back of their hands, both always treated the other with the utmost respect. She would always 'accidentally' let hi
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Lucario by phatcatjman11 Lucario :iconphatcatjman11:phatcatjman11 11 15 Aedrian Cooper - Coloured by D-XtremeVengance Aedrian Cooper - Coloured :icond-xtremevengance:D-XtremeVengance 0 0 Aedrian Cooper - Line Art by D-XtremeVengance Aedrian Cooper - Line Art :icond-xtremevengance:D-XtremeVengance 0 2
The Aftermath Chap 7
Chapter 7
Two Lives, One Soul
Kiera sits next to Sly in the hospital; she's biting her nails at the thought of what Talon is doing. She doesn't even fully know him but she is sure that there is good inside him, he let Sly live and given Talon's history… that's a miracle. It was like he was summoned; Sly woke up and groaned at the amount of bandages on him. Kiera looked at him and he averted her eyes, he felt guilty and she didn't know why and that made her police side kick in. She places a hand gently on his chin and brings his face to look at her, the minute their eyes made contact it was like a dream. She saw the conversation between Sly and Talon in the ware house. All of Talon's words stuck in her head, especially the ones about her, Sly convinced Talon to let him go.
She saw this as a sign that Talon has 2 lives but he must choose one to walk, it may take awhile for him to choose the path he wants but she hoped that he would pick the one that led to her. Sly was thinking abou
:icond-xtremevengance:D-XtremeVengance 0 0
Mature content
The Aftermath Chap 8 :icond-xtremevengance:D-XtremeVengance 0 0
Mature content
The Aftermath Chap 9 :icond-xtremevengance:D-XtremeVengance 0 0
Mature content
The Aftermath Chap 10 :icond-xtremevengance:D-XtremeVengance 0 0
The Aftermath Chap 11
Chapter 11
The Unknown Past And The Mysterious Deal
It was just about 8 years ago from the time of the last chapter that a deal was made between 6 people, that deal is still being kept to this day and some of those who made it are dead. Astaraa Cooper was the original creator of the deal, Carmelita Montoya Fox was the second to join into it and the others who made it have all been hunted down and killed. This deal was to keep something safe, something that was needed to be kept safe and hidden although when something is kept safe there is always someone who is willing to take it. The Architect was the main person to try and take that something but failed to the first person to die, each time someone rose to try and take that something another was picked off. But at the time of the last chapter Astaraa and Carmelita are the only ones left, the main reason behind Astaraa protecting Carmelita is because she is in possession of that something and has been for quite some time.
But the past
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The Last Draconic Teaser 1
The only truth there is, is that we are all fodder for his reign. Nothing can stand in his way but the ones that came before... The Draconics, each rising to unimaginable power but always falling before their time. Nicolai, he fell from disease, Talon, he fell trying to save everyone, Cameron he fell saving the world, Scarlot she fell rising and destroying The Architect's body, Lytion he fell protecting his sister from death, Gwen she fell from a bullet wound shot by The Architect. And finally the first and last of his clan, Tidal, he fell by destroying The Architect completely stopping everything in it's path. But instead of being the first to live out his life he was trapped in the past as a stone statue until he was released by Rayaa, unable to return to the future he lived on. But like all Draconics he was still fodder for The Architect, a new breed of Draconic, one with power that could destroy the entire universe if needed. Upon tapping into the universal core Tidal was able to c
:icond-xtremevengance:D-XtremeVengance 0 1
Gift For Kayjun01 by D-XtremeVengance Gift For Kayjun01 :icond-xtremevengance:D-XtremeVengance 2 4 Astaraa Cooper symbol by D-XtremeVengance Astaraa Cooper symbol :icond-xtremevengance:D-XtremeVengance 0 0



Kayjun01's Profile Picture
Vexx Talon
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Somewhere in the universe (guess where and I'll tell you the co-ordinates)
Personal Quote/s: Just Being Myself
Life is like a bottle, don't stick you're dick in it (Thank you bro for that quote)
Life always changes, but where there is dark there is always hope... or a light switch
I want a new car with.... Deluxe Floor Mats!
I'm not buying my mom a ride on lawn mower, it'd be like a motorbike to her

I just love to draw, mainly Sonic The Headgehog characters. I've been making avatars for websites for years so now I'm finally posting them up. I write and love to mess with animals, man I would love to be a wolf.

I'm on a drawing marathon, DBZ characters GALORE. Yet I still draw Sonic characters, they're my favorite and I'm still working on some new icons.

Just in case anyone else is on my werewolf name is Kayjun01 and I have a clan called TheDarkAura and the tag is Dark, just in case anyone wants to know



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